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2011 Year of the Rabbit Feng Shui Forecast

We are finally coming out of a number 8 year, which some have spotted as a lucky year, but in fact from a real estate point of view was a disaster with an increase of 25% of houses going into foreclosure due to a double energy blockage caused by 2010’s energy.

Since I helped several clients this past year purchase new homes, I had the opportunity to take a very good look at what was (and still is) available on the market and I have never seen so many properties “bad for money” (as we nickname them) just “sitting” on the market! It took an average of 20 houses (often more) before finding something even worth advising my clients to buy. Of course the chances are different if one has a “renovation budget” to turn a mediocre property around with some structural remodeling, and this increases the chances of obtaining better Feng Shui substantially.

This year is a Golden Rabbit (or Metal Rabbit). Interestingly, since the Rabbit is a Wood element, this year appears to be a Metal/Wood year like 2010 was. Since Metal chops Wood– just as it did in 2010– we can expect 2011 to have this same potential for conflict. So my initial suggestion is to stay out of trouble and avoid animosity, specifically of any legal nature.

Remember, even if Heaven and Earth are in conflict, Humans have the power of controlling adversities by not being obviously “reactive” to any situation. Taking the high road is always good!

Having said that, we must also be particularly careful because while 2010 was a Yang combination (meaning very overt and obvious), 2011 has more of a Yin nature (meaning more secretive and introspective). This means conflicts are not going to be “obviously” out in the open, but more hidden and will manifest only when it’s too late to correct them. To use an extreme comparison, think about the difference between using a weapon or poison on something.

In Feng Shui the “Star” of the year is 7 (Po Jun), which is also a Metal Star and has malicious influences like betrayal and robbery. The nature of conflict can manifest as backstabbing (probably more figuratively than literally). So one should be particularly careful of smooth talkers and in making “deals” (particularly money deals that can reveal to become very costly later on). This is the time to read fine prints very carefully and not be swayed just by “smooth talk.” It will even benefit to have a legal advisor help you with this if you must to prevent “hidden clauses” that can be very expensive to fix or pay out later.

The Rabbit year is notoriously a romance year. The 7 Star is also a Romance Star, so I am anticipating an overall global dating trend, although it will be more of the vain and scandalous variety. So be very careful of the company you keep, especially if you are a high profile personality or celebrity, as it can lead to never ending gossip and exposure.

In Southern California where 2010 hit particularly hard due to the Accident Star in the SW we should expect a moment of sunshine in 2011, since the “Creativity, Artistic, and Fame Star 4” will be in the SW section of the country. Star 4 is also a Romance Star, so when combined with the overall Rabbit and Star 7 it will make So Cal. particularly strong in the romance sector.

Also, with Star 4 we should expect a new flourish of the entertainment industry, especially with female performers and arts in general. It is a yearly thing, so you’d better take advantage of it as much as possible because I cannot guarantee it will continue as steady once 2011 is over! (It also helps to live and work in a building that has good Feng Shui at this time more than ever.)

As far as individual directions:

  • The Prosperity, Success, and Fertility Star 8 (yes, it is good for all three because it is Abundance) is in the NW, particularly favorable for business owners.
  • The Career Achievement Star 6 is in the SE, making it very accomplished for female figures.
  • And as stated previously, the Creativity and Romance Star 4 is in the SW, particularly good for women. If you’re a single woman looking for romance or companionship, add water in the SW section of your house.
  • The Star 3 (of Conflict and Argument) is in the North, which makes it stronger, so stay cool and watch out not to escalate arguments this year, more so if your door or bedroom is in this area.
  • The Accident Star 5 is in the East, overlapping with the Tai Shui. I suggest staying out of it as much as you can, as it can trigger serious injuries and accidents, or possibly fire hazards. Also, I advice NOT to build in this section of your house nor to dig in this section of your garden until the year is over.
  • The Sui Po is in the West direction this year, so I also advice not to build or dig in the West section of your house or garden.
  • The Delay Star 2 is in the South, which being fire, makes it’s effects stronger. If your bedroom, your entrance, or your office is in the South direction of your house use a Metal element to correct it.

And as usual, I am available for a person consultation for your home, business, or office to make sure your space is adjusted correctly for the New Year’s energy.

I’ll be happy to help you create a great year!

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