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2010 Year of the Tiger Sign by Sign

I’d like to remind all of you that the purpose of the yearly forecast is to make you aware of the possibilities that may happen so that you can decide for yourself what you’d like to do in this situation. Overall, both in terms of Feng Shui for the building (see other article on 2010 Year of the Tiger) and in terms of Feng Shui Life Destiny it is going to be a year that alternates ups and downs, definitely more active that 2009, but not entirely a smooth sail all the way.

Whether we should be very active or conservative really depends on our personality, predisposition, personal luck and the support we receive from the Feng Shui of our buildings. These are few suggestions sign by sign that will help you plan a bit for the New Year.

TIGER: Tigers this year will search opportunities for changes in career or employment, although the financial luck will remain good, but not exceptional.  Being the Year of the Tiger, change will be the dominating theme, and it will be much easier to go with the flow and make the best of it rather than fight it.  Cultivate patience in your relationships, all of them, as short tempers may cause break-ups.

RABBIT: Rabbits should avoid risky new investments this year, as their luck comes and goes, so be advised to think carefully before acting. This is a good year for male Rabbits to take a job in a different city because doing so will increase the chances of promotion and advancements. Female Rabbits should be practical and conservative regarding their finances and be careful in their career as obstacles may arise– so it’s not a good time for ambitious moves. Romance luck is also inconsistent, so spend time with your partner to avoid “intrusions”.

DRAGON: Luck alternates between good and bad throughout the year. Put time and focus into your profession so that the early obstacles can be overcome and do not become a bigger problem later on.  Relationships with people must be cultivated, specially in the warmest season, to avoid friction that can turn sour later. Potential for marriage is good, but relationships are conflicted and can often bring on fights.

SNAKE : Very good year to set long term plans in motion and plan for the future. The year also brings good money luck and career prospects for the female Snake, but not so good for the male Snake, who has to pay careful attention to everything they do and avoid challenges and sharp tongues, as they can be misinterpreted and snowball into much more serious issues. Both should communicate more with their loved ones to prevent conflicts.

HORSE: If you can be decisive and take initiative you can make the best out of this year; however, the year for you is unstable overall, so be prepared to also be patient and tolerant to overcome obstacles and conflicts. Be careful with romance, as it is not a smooth affair this year and could lead to scandals.

SHEEP: Lucky time for the sheep, who should move forward with their plans and build up for long term goals. Projects move along smoothly. Career and money luck are best, specially in the early months of the year.  Romance prospects are good, leading to marriage for the singles and short-term rekindled romance for the married ones.

MONKEY: Change is the game this year, so be careful of becoming impatient with frustrations and look carefully for new opportunities. Success can come as quickly and easily as failure, so keep your eyes on the price and your nose to the grindstone. Money losses are possible, so be careful of third party suggestions, signing any legal documents, and plan your budget carefully to avoid financial speculation.  In romance avoid arguments, as they can waste your energy unproductively.

ROOSTER: Lucky year for the Rooster both in career and money. It is a good time for a raise or to expand your business, but be careful with financial speculation as they may cause losses. Health can be weaken by stress, so get plenty of rest. Romance luck is also strong, but choose a partner carefully, as it may bring complications if you accept partners on a whim who are not suitable for you in romance. Possibility of marriage.

DOG : Things seem better than they really are, so it is easy to mistake glitter for gold. Dogs should be careful in career and investments, as their perceptions are thwarted and what appears to be good may end up hiding unforeseen risk, losses, and problems. Good for traveling, learning, and overall good for people in creative professions. Temptation for disputes and bickering inside romantic relationships, so be patient and just let them pass.

PIG: Difficult year ahead. Pay attention to legal matters, try to avoid fights, and expect to work hard without immediate results. Do not get sad: work hard and you will see payback in the end, but it has to be seriously hard work to get there. Be careful with finances as the year doesn’t support it and taking chances could mean quite a bit of loss. Quarrels among couples, so stay calm and let them pass.

RAT: New and unusual opportunities will arise this year for the Rats. Money luck is good, except in the fall, when it is better to be conservative. Also, career and jobs in general are a bit unstable, so be conservative and do not plan for change this year. Keep expenses under control as unexpected expenses my find you. Great opportunity for marriage for single Rats. Married life is stable.

OX: Financial matters are tricky this year and alternate between good and bad. Employees may experience recognition and promotions, but business owners and the self-employed must be conservative and focused. Loss of focus can cause unnecessary problems and losses. Obstacles along the way can taste your patience and make you lose your temper. It is a good time to learn new things and update your knowledge of old ones.  Single Oxes will experience significant relationships, with the possibility of marriage. Married Oxes should rekindle their relationships to prevent a third party intrusion. 

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