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2010 Year of the Tiger Feng Shui Forecast & Warnings for the Year

I’d like to remind all of you that the purpose of the yearly forecast is not to alarm you, but rather to make you aware of the possibilities that may happen so that you can decide for yourself what you’d like to do in this situation.

It is like watching the weather report: if the forecast is rain, you’d take an umbrella with you before you go outside or else you know you’d have the possibility of getting wet, right?

Overall, both in terms of Feng Shui for the buildings and in terms of Feng Shui Life Destiny (see other article on 2010 Sign by Sign) it is going to be a year that alternates ups and downs, definitely more active that 2009, but when it comes to buildings, some of the good are quiet mix with some of the not so good, so that the actual less favorable aspects are mitigated by some good ones.

Whether we should be very active or conservative really depends on our personality, predisposition, personal luck and the support we receive from the Feng Shui of our buildings. These are few suggestions that will help you plan a bit for the New Year. And of course we’ll be here to assist you should you require the help of an expert.

2010 is going to be known as the year of the Metal Tiger. As Tiger belongs to the Wood element, the clash with the Metal element can be, unfortunately, seen as a cause of disharmony, possibly leading to arguments and litigation as much on a local scale as on a worldwide scale.

However, there is an inner core of this combination that is benign, and so we can derive from that that with patience and level-mindedness every dispute can be resolved amicably. In fact, it should be resolved as amicably as possible because the energy of the year will not support excessive belligerence.

So in other words, my suggestion would be to try and settle any disputes or unstable situations you may have pending right now or as soon as possible, because once February 4th hits it will be more than likely to quickly progress into even more overt conflict. And after doing so– should the situation arise where you’ll find yourself involved in any such situation (because maybe your other party didn’t follow my advice)– do your best to find a “high road” resolution. The energy of the year will support you in that, as long as you stay on the honorable high road.

We should be expecting most of these conflict situations to take place in the first part of 2010, and those handled graciously should disappear towards the middle of the year. But those handled poorly will tend to escalate, making the rest of the year just as difficult.

In next month’s newsletter I will provide a breakdown forecast sign by sign. For now here is a general overview:

Most strictly on a Feng Shui level a yearly “energy change” occurs in every building on Febrary 4th, so it is always advisable at the beginning of the year to look out for the relocation of both good and bad energies so that we can take notice or precautions when they are located in important areas of our homes or workplaces.

The figures most effected this year are going to be children and youth in general, “wise” people, and those who’s birth Trigram (Gua) is Gen. (Please visit the chart page in the newsletter archive on this site for the list of Gua based on date of births).

On a health level the parts of the body that can be potentially affected this year are bones, particularly the small bones of the hands, feet, and back.

With the yearly life-force energy settling in we’ll see the “Accident Star,” also called the “Yellow Ghost,” in the SW section and the “Illness Star” in the NE section. Both areas should be corrected with a heavy Metal element, possibly brass or bronze, of about 20 pounds. Metal is one of the Five Elements used in Feng Shui and it is particularly effective to diffuse this vibration, which has more of an Earth nature. In some cases more metal will be required, in other cases less will be. I would strongly suggest to discuss which is the case for you with an expert before making any random decisions. And as far as gardens go, none should be dug, altered, or built in these two directions until February 4th of 2011.

The “Romance Star” is going to be in the North direction, and for single women seeking a companion a water feature in this area is recommended. This will be even more effective if the area coincides with a bedroom or a main entrance. This will also work for men who are seeking another male for romance, but not for men who are seeking a female romantic partner.

The “Robbery Star,” known to be the cause of most conflicts (see above for relevance), is going to be situated in the South section. The correction for this particular energy is the use of a Fire element, which is often substituted with the color red. A red lampshade or a large, red painting in this direction will help reduce potentially unfortunate conflicts. Please note that the Fire element can have some side effects, as it strongly interacts with the other energies of a building, and therefore it should really be addressed individually and under expert supervision.

As far as the people’s favorite, the “Abundance Star” goes, this year it is a bit at a disadvantage as it is placed at the center of buildings. This means that some buildings can be affected extremely well– particularly those sitting in a NW, W, NE or SW direction—but some can be affected not so well, like those sitting N, S, SE or E. In addition, the cautious considerations expressed above should also be kept in mind with any of these positions, as even some of the “lucky” buildings could experience mix effects due to their less advantageous time of construction.

The Tai Sui, also called the “Gran Duke,” (don’t ask me why, it’s one of those “creative” translations), will again be in the NE direction (in the Tiger section of the NE, to be specific). The opposing direction, called “Sui Po,” is in the SW direction of the Monkey. Both directions should be highly avoided for remodeling, construction, or any kind of Earth digging.

Warnings for 2010

During my presentation at the Hong Kong conference on Scientific Feng Shui last year I had suggested that 2010 will be a very peculiar year concerning Feng Shui. This is because about 10% of all buildings will be suffering seriously strong effects on a health or financial level.  2010 will be a “bad” peak year for these building, but most of them have already begun to experience these challanges since the change of the Feng Shui construction calendar back in early 2004.

On a practical level, several of the buildings that are now on the market as “bank repossesed” or “foreclosure”sales are suffering from this condition on a financial level.

After February 4th we should be expecting a new proliferation of these buildings on the market, but they should be carefully analyzed before purchasing to make sure they can be fixed (on a Feng Shui level), otherwise the financial bad luck which has effected the previous owner will still effect the subsequent buyer.  So watch out for those deals.

Some of the other affected buildings will be experiencing health problems, often involving children (this year), because of a double “block” condition which involves the long range construction timing and the yearly energy.  Unfortunally, these buildings are particularly unfavorable but hard to pinpoint in this type of short article due to the variables in the date of construction and orientation of all specific buildings.

Some of these negative conditions will be relieved by the end of 2010, and some of them will continue to be in effect until 2023. (These conditions will repeat again in 2019.)  The last similar situation had been in 2002 and the one prior to that was in 1993 and 1984.

The only way to correct this problem is to remove the roof and internal ceiling of the building to change the entire energy of the building. This could be somewhat easily accomplished in a one-story building, but very hard to accomplish in a multiple-story one.

So if you’re living in one of these problematic situation– which if you are I’m sure you have already been experiencing the adverse effects of– my humble suggestion is to consider either a drastic remodeling involving the creation of a new roof, or move to a better location. Please understand that I do not make such drastic recommendations as a habit, but these particular circumstances represent exception and are worthy of consideration.

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