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2010 Year of the Tiger Abundance Star

As mentioned in the yearly forecast a couple of months ago, the yearly “star” for abundance this year is located in the central section of each house worldwide.

What is commonly known as the “Abundance Star” (AS) is in a sense the “Golden Grail” of Feng Shui— and everybody is after it.

By definition the AS is a frequency of Qi that promotes financial success, people (relationship) support, and of course, abundance in general.

In most buildings in general there is at least one usable “Abundance Star,” in some lucky cases there are two usable ones, and in some extremely unlucky cases there are none at all based on the orientation that the building was built in.  This is why it is good to have a Feng Shui Master look at your plan when you are building, remodeling, or simply buying or renting a new space—whether it is a house, office, or business space.

The yearly AS is a plus.  Every year it moves in a new direction— just like the “Personal & Professional Achievement Star” (PPA) does.

In 2010 the Abundance Star happens to be the dominating energy of the year and it is located in the central section of each building— whether they be houses, offices, or any other structure.  But what is particular about this positioning of the AS is that the influence it has on a building is not related to the room where you spend time in.  For example, if one year the AS is in your bedroom, you’ll be gaining advantage from it simply by sleeping there.  But when a “star” is located in the central section, then everybody who lives under that roof is affected by it.

There are multiple ways that the AS can affect people’s lives and there is also more than one way you can take advantage of it.  For instance, if your building faces NE or SW the Abundance Star will indeed benefit the financial success of this house.  But if the building faces SE or E then the Abundance Star is going to provide an increase in the number of people in the household.  That can happen because of a pregnancy, unexpected visits from relatives, or, for a business, more new hires and more new customers.

The Abundance Star in the center of the house is considered auspicious, but its positive effects may be very different from building to building.  In particular, if a building possesses a preexisting adverse condition related to the orientation or the time it was constructed, the positive effects may be washed out by it.  On the other end buildings that have not been as positive could now experienced one very positive year.

Generally speaking, the effects of the Abundance Star are increased by using the “Fire Element,” most popularly substituted with the color red.  However, the use of the color red should be limited to a few pieces unless otherwise directed by an expert so as not to conflict with the preexisting energy of the house.

Lastly, just as a reminder, the Abundance Star will be moving to a different section of the house after the next Chinese New Year. This means that if your house has been supportive of you plenty in these last few months then you will want to continue to take advantage of the remaining months of this year to continue to reach your goals (for both family and/or business) because the energy of the building will support you.

And likewise, if things have been rough and the building hasn’t been particularly supportive, perhaps you’ve been affected by the preexisting condition.  My recommendation in this case is to just sit tight and wait it out if you can.  Be conservative, practical, patient and keep your yearly medical tests up to speed to ensure you’ll be able to sail through it.

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