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2009: Sign by Sign Forecast for The Year of the Ox

As I promised last month, here is a look at this year’s forecast sign by sign. Please note that these are “overall guidelines” for each animal sign of the Chinese Zodiac just to give you an insight of what to expect in the coming year. If you are not sure about your Chinese animal sign, you can find a list on my website here.

OX: Since 2009 is the “Year of the Ox,” this means some changes are in store for 2009– which could develop into challenges if taken with resistance and denial. The pressure and competition at work may seem stronger than usual. However, money prospects remain average, so be conservative with spending and play it safe.
Health is overall good, but be careful while driving and handling sharp objects.
Love life is not as active as last year, and trying to find true love may require some effort.
Beware of arguments; all in all just be patient and avoid any disputes.

TIGER: Career offers excellent prospects for male tigers, especially if you are planning a career change. Money remains average.  For female tigers career prospects are also encouraging, but females should be careful and conservative in dealing with finances, as temptation of spending will be numerous.
In health some moodiness will cause emotional discomfort.
This is a great time for male tigers to get married. Female tigers will need to be attentive and weed out the good from the bad prospects.

RABBIT: This year will be good with some harsh patches along the way. In particular– when dealing with friends, associates, and also family– rabbits should be mindful of their attitude so as not to jeopardize the good relationships they have. Also, be mindful of reading things carefully and ask for counsel when signing documents. Career and money luck have switching ups and downs.
Health is generally good, but you’d be better to avoid visiting hospitals and cemeteries.
Romance is not smooth; married couples be aware of the potential for frequent quarrels and separation.

DRAGON: Dragons must be very assertive and take the initiative this year to prevent things from going downhill. This includes taking classes and expanding business interests to further your career, as this is a good time for fast advancement. Be levelheaded and do not leave things to luck alone. Money luck is not stable and do not engage in risky money investments.
On the health side, be careful of possible painful joints, rheumatism, and related challenges.
In love this is a good year for female dragons, while male ones feel neglected. This may lead to arguments, so be patient and tolerant.

SNAKE: 2009 is a good year for snakes who will achieve much thanks to their charisma and charm. Plenty of good tidings in career and money are in store; this is a good time to go for the gold– luck is with you! Still, be mindful when signing any written documents and read the fine print carefully.
Health-wise you may experience some minor challenges with the digestive system.
Love can run hot and cold this year. Watch out for gossip. Married snakes may consider a short-term romance.

HORSE: Money this year will come and go and failure happens as easily as success. The first part of the year will be smoother than the second, so be prepared and have a little money stashed aside to fall upon. Make sure to keep your cool to avoid a further mess. Mental focus is sharp but physical strength is short– so do not undertake tasks requiring physical strength.
In health you may encounter allergies and breathing ailments. Get enough rest.
Love life is abundant and relationships progress faster than expected. Possible affairs for married horses.

SHEEP: The sheep is a sign that opposes the ox, so this year can be a year of challenges and instability for sheep. Avoid gambling and indulging in financial speculations. Financial matters need attention in the spring. Be careful of driving and wear a seatbelt. (Note: Sheep born in 1979 will have a different luck with considerable rewards in their careers.)
For your health get plenty of rest to avoid mental exhaustion.
Love can easily lead to marriage, although sheep can be quiet emotional– which leads to fighting with loved ones, which can lead to separation.

MONKEY: This is going to be a smooth sailing year for the monkey with substantial rewards in both career and money– specially in the spring, which makes it a good time to take steps in your ambitions and goals– but be mindful not to take shortcuts or do any illegal matters as you may get into serious trouble with the law.
In health avoid overworking, as you may develop insomnia and migraines.
This is a good year to find a prospective spouse, and quarreling married couples will now make peace.

ROOSTER: The ox is auspicious for the rooster as it brings to fruition the plan it put in motion back in late 2008. Career and money luck are at their best in the fall, but be conservative during the summer. Plan for contingency. Salaried employees have possibility for promotion and self-employed roosters will move forward speedily. Money is rising and so are expenses, so stay simple and straightforward.
Health-wise, watch out for heartburn and teeth problems.
It’s a good year for engaged couples to get married. Single roosters may encounter their life partner.

DOG: There’s relatively good fortune for the dog this year, though the fortune is not consistent and fluctuates from one month to another. Emotions run high and you may be at risk of lawsuits. If you can control your temper you’ll go through the year smoothly. Promotions and pay raises will come the way of salaried employees.
Health-wise, watch for flu and migraines.
Love matters feel lonely after experiencing a setback. Married couples should try to be more understanding of each other to avoid disputes.

PIG: Daily life is busy and positive outcomes will come from traveling overseas, as it will allow you to encounter people beneficial to your career. The self-employed will experience the most benefits. It’s a good time for salaried employees to switch jobs. Still, judge carefully and budget wisely to prevent financial loss.
On a health level, if you’re experiencing some symptoms, it is advisable to get a doctor’s opinion.
Love life is very active. A partner complains that you do not spend enough time with him or her.

RAT: The ox year will be especially good bringing celebrations like a marriage or a baby, a new business deal, a wage increase, or a much-desired social invitation. Strong money luck can be expected, however, be careful in early autumn of financial instability and unnecessary expenses. Budget wisely. Be conservative with career changes. Overall it is not the best time to make changes.
On a health level you must be careful of sudden illnesses, so avoid entertaining with sick people this time. Romance is blossoming with opportunities for marriage. Married rats are harmonious though out the year.

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