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2008 Feng Shui Life Destiny Forecast

The 2008 Feng Shui life destiny forecast of the effect on the changes in Qi on one’s life are usually defined as “changes in luck.” For most of us luck is considered a random factor, a blinded goddess who sometime favors us and sometimes doesn’t, but in Ancient Chinese Wisdom “Luck” is an entirely natural phenomena that moves in cycles, hence it’s predictable.

Based on the year, month, day and hour you were born you have received a unique combination of “Qi” which has become your natural Qi Imprint (some scholars agree that it even goes as far as effecting your physical DNA as well).

So in Chinese Life Destiny once you know your birth characteristics (easily found in any Chinese Ten Thousand Year Calendar), you can compare them with the Qi characteristic of every hour, day, month, or year and be able to assess whether this hour, day, month, or year is supportive to you or detrimental. Since the practice of Chinese Life Destiny is very complex, this month I am going to address it in overall strokes, concentrating on the affect that this year is going to have on your year of birth only. If you are interested in a more detailed consultation, please e-mail me and I’ll help you arrange it.

The first step for you is to know your Birth Animal in the Chinese Zodiac. You can find that information on my website here. Once you have that, scroll down in this article until you find your correspondent animal and read on.

RAT: This is a year of good fortune for the Rats. It is an excellent time to move forward with your plans and goals. New things, especially in career, will bring good results. Finances are favorable, but be cautious of overspending. Be patient with your partner as you may experience misunderstanding and arguments. New relationships may prove hard to form.

OX:  Great opportunity will show up, but so will heated competition. Be patient and stay focused. In your career it is good to expand your social circle. Luck overall is much better than last year. Female Oxen beware of backstabbers: think carefully before speaking. In romance, for singles this could be the year they meet their life partner. Married people should avoid extramarital affairs.

TIGER: Tigers should be careful this year, for they lack people’s support, especially with risky investments and business deals. Money luck is particularly unstable: you must work hard and be careful. In romance, be tolerant with your spouse or partner and do not expect too much. If single, joining groups and socializing more will help you shake off the feeling of loneliness.

RABBIT:  It’s a great time for business, career, and unexpected income. Your hard work is coming to fruition: the harder you work the more you’ll get. This is going to be a great year for romance too. Married Rabbits should use this year to improve past misunderstanding and arguments– this lucky year will make their partner more receptive.

DRAGON: It’s a stable year for the Dragons, provided that they do not set their expectations too high. Being prepared for contingency will help avoid unexpected surprises. Do not take any unnecessary risk if you do not feel right about it. Money is reasonable. Single Dragons will easily find a prospective spouse, but must take the initiative. Married couples should try to be more understanding with each other to avoid misunderstanding and arguments.

SNAKE: There’s exceptionally good money fortune for the sane this year. Good time to make new plans and investments. Money can come from unexpected sources. Remember to be generous and humble and to not get yourself in trouble. Success will come easily. It’s a great year for single Snakes to fall in love. Married couples beware of a potential third-party intrusion.

HORSE: It’s a challenging year for the Horse. Stay humble and adaptable and you can get out safe from any crisis. Be focused and attentive at work. Do not take any risk, as adverse fortune can bring out easily unwanted consequences. Stay analytical and do not let emotions take control. There’s opportunity for many romantic encounters, but no permanent commitment yet. Married Horses may find themselves trying to prolong a relationship that has already run its course.

SHEEP: This year is favorable for Sheep, bringing good energy and enthusiasm. Your good wit will come in handy. Career and money are rewarding for the self-employed. Grabbing a good opportunity will move your career forward. It’s a good year to strive for what you want. Avoid financial speculations that seem too risky. This year brings great opportunity of marriage for the Sheep. Married Sheep will rediscover romance in their relationship.

MONKEY: It’s a stable year for the Monkeys. Be careful of possible legal challenges, especially when trying to bend the rules to gain financially. Money luck is average. Be loyal to your loved one: a love triangle can be very risky. Romance is overall strong, but not stable.

ROOSTER: The beginning of this New Year is a great time for Roosters to make changes. You’ll get closer to achieving a goal near and dear to your heart in romance or finances. Obstacles are ultimately overcome. It’s a good luck year, so even larger goals can be accomplished when broken down into smaller steps. For singles: a relationship can lead to marriage, so do not underestimate it. Married ones must stay away from undesirable affairs.

DOG: It’s going to be an up and down year for the Dog, bringing delays where you didn’t plan them and smoothing the way of situations that had previously seemed very challenging. In dealing with people be humble and adaptable all the time. Money luck will also go up and down. Do not risk any on a whim and keep expenses under control. In romance it may seem like a moody year. Do not take current love relationships for granted, or others may come along and ruin it. Beware of arguments.

PIG: Pigs will find themselves facing people and situations that turn out differently than what they had originally thought. Better think twice before speaking and acting. Promises that were made are no longer reliable and some people who you may have counted on may begin to back off. Do not rely on promises alone. In romance, it will be a quiet year. For those in a committed relationship, take care of your partner and support them.

Final Note for All: Remember, the Feng Shui of your house can help support you when your luck is low and maximize your benefits when it is high. Use last month’s update to help you with that. If you missed it, read it again in my archives on my website.

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