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Radio Interviews with Dr. Mainini

BBC World Service - World Today
Radio 2 L’altrolato (Italian National Broadcast - interview from picture above)
Playradio: Citofonare Play (Italian Radio)

Broadcasting Feng Shui: Simona Mainini of Feng Shui for Architecture Reveals Feng Shui Secrets of RAI Building During Popular Radio Show
LA Zoo recruits Feng Shui Expert. Los angeles Zoo has hired the services of a Feng Shui expert to help three golden monkeys leaned by China feel at home in their future surroundings. Simona Mainini, who is also a qualified architect, believes the move may be a first in animal enclosure design.
Canon's report on How to Use Fang Shui to Cure Office Stress Now Available On-Line. International, cutting edge technology-based, multibillion dollar compzany, Cancer Europe took a socially responsible stand last Fall and went back to the ancient natural science of Feng Shui. They enlisted the assistance of a highly credentialed, U.S. based leading Feng Shui Master consultant, Dr. Simona Mainini, on how to re-design the offices to remedy a real, modern problem: High Levels of employee office stress and ...
Secular Europe Embraces Scientific Feng Shui. U.S. based Feng Shui Master Dr. Simona Mainini will speak at the 1st International Congress on Scientific Feng Shui and Built Environment Held in Europe this Fall.

Feng Shui for Architecture consultant services and Feng Shui Master Simona Mainini, Doctor in Architecture, offer consultant services on Feng Shui house and Feng Shui office to create a great Feng Shui zone by applying the Feng Shui Numbers, Feng Shui colors, Feng Shui elements and Feng Shui water to any Feng Shui house – including how to Feng Shui kitchen, Feng Shui bedroom layout and Feng Shui bed position, Feng Shui living room, Feng Shui bathroom - Feng Shui office and Feng Shui garden. In addition we offer Feng Shui consultant services on Feng Shui Interior Design, Feng Shui Real Estate Investments, Feng Shui Real Estate Developments Industrial, Commercial and Residential and for any kind of Feng Shui Architecture projects.

Learn Feng Shui from Feng Shui Consultant Dr. Mainini: her courses are the ultimate Feng Shui guide to Scientific Feng Shui. The Feng Shui School and Training Center offers Feng Shui Classes, Feng Shui Courses and Feng Shui Certification Online where you can learn theories and applications of authentic Chinese Feng Shui, starting with the Feng Shui definition, Feng Shui basics and Feng Shui rules.