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The Newsletter of Dr. Simona Mainini

When Jillian and Justin (not their real names) contacted me the first time a few years ago for a consultation on their existing home they were very please to discover that the house had great Feng Shui. In fact, their life was very good: they were a happy, loving family with two young children, and she was a very successful company executive and he was a successful business owner.

But as the children grew up they realized the time had come for a larger, newer home. It was actually over a year ago that we first began our search for one and it wasn't just a matter of finding a large, well designed home. With the abundance of inventory on the market we had more than our share to choose from. However, having already experienced the advantages of living in a great Feng Shui house, they didn't want to settle for anything less than finding another great Feng Shui house.

Feng Shui Door New Dream HouseSo we traveled far and wide and visited no less then thirty homes (in fact, probably even more), but none of them matched the happy, little house they already had. At first J & J were hoping (understandably) to get more for their money by buying a short sale or a foreclosure. And we did see some very impressive properties for a fraction of what they were originally priced. But they soon found out that behind these “deals” there was a lot of drama-- most of the time if not all the time-- caused by seriously unfavorable Feng Shui characteristics.

Unfortunally the "unfavorable Feng Shui characteristics" are not something that you can always see with a naked eye. Sometimes you can, but mostly you can’t. Often it requires some more advance knowledge to really understand the details. In some cases we found houses that could be renovated by changing the door, or the master bedroom, or even the position of the office. But J & J didn’t really have time to engage in a house renovation. (If that was the case they could have just as easily added on to the house they currently owned.)

And so soon the idea of a "deal purchase" lost its appeal, and J & J decided to look amongst new developments, some already under construction at the time and some scheduled to be released on the market at a later time. So about a year ago we went to visit a development under construction and to J & J’s surprise (and mine too) none of the houses that were for sale at that time provided the quality of Feng Shui J & J were searching for.
So it was not a complete surprise then that that section of the development we looked at was still on the market for a very long time after all the construction was completed. In fact, it was only around a couple of months ago when the prices were significantly reduced that they were finally sold.

At any rate, in this brand new development-- most of which was not even yet built-- J & J revived their hopes and were more determined than ever to find their dream home. So, armed with their "master plan development map"” on a hot June afternoon we traveled through the entire site and reviewed a good twenty or more homes until we found three houses that had very good Feng Shui. Then, based on their date of births, we narrowed down our search to one property, Lot # 30.

Now there was only one problem: J & J's Lot #30 was in a section of the development not yet scheduled for construction for at least another two years!!!

The thought of having to wait two more years was at first disarming. But given the fact that they were currently living in a good house, they decided it would be worth the wait. After all, they weren’t in a hurry to move to get away from a bad Feng Shui house.

Feng Shui Bedroom New Dream HouseMeanwhile, I still accompanied Jillian as we reviewed a few other properties for sale, mostly traditional sales since we had figure out by now that we had a higher chance of finding a good Feng Shui house by staying away from the short sales and foreclosures.

But still none of the houses we saw measured up to Lot #30.

Then a few months later a different developer took over the site and suddenly, much earlier then anticipate, J & J were informed that the section of the development where Lot #30 was located was scheduled to open for sale in just days! On the first day of the sale J & J showed up with all their papers lined up (it’s actually good they waited a few months because that even helped them be able to prepare all the necessary materials in time) and they bought the house they had waited for.

And so a few days ago we went to see the freshly framed house (see pictures) to verify that the measurements we had taken based on the "master plan" were followed during the construction. They were to a T. So now J & J are the proud and happy owners of a brand new, excellent Feng Shui dream home!

It took a few months of searching and evaluating really every possibility, but now they have found it and there has even been talk of making it a "family house" to be passed down to their children.

What will happen to the house they are currently living in? Is that for sale? Sorry folks, but there are no plans to sell it at this time. The talk is to rent this one out until it too is ready to be passed on to the children. (But should plans change I'll make sure to inform you.)

Meanwhile, let me know if you need any help with choosing your own house if you are planning to buy, build, or renovate. I’ll be happy to assist you in finding your dream home just like I did with Jillian and Justin!

You can call me at 310-860-8989 or e-mail me at at dr.simona@fengshuiarch.com to set up a consultation.


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